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Software based on the reverse engineering of the MPX16 Sampler

The AKAI MPX16 is a something of a 'bare bones' sampler. more advanced than the preceding MPX8 but still fairly limited. Sampling or putting together 'kits' from existing samples using the MPX16 can be somewhat painful and time consuming. After having written something similar for the MPX8, I decided to reverse engineer the 'kit' format and create a utility to take a bunch of samples, format and rename them so they are compatible with the MPX16 and create a kit file from them

You can download the jar and batch file hereIt's a command line utility with the following syntax

java -jar mpx16.jar <kit no> <directory of samples> <target drive> [del]

kitno : number for the kit file the tool will generate

directory of samples : directory containing the wav files to be used in the kit

target drive : drive letter of the SD card we're copying to

del: optional command to del any existing wav files in the root directory of the SD card


java -jar mpx16.jar 1 c:\samples g del

Will take the first 16 samples it finds in the c:\samples directory, rename / resample them and copy them to the root of the G: drive. It will place them all into KIT001

The full source including a description of the KIT file structure is here, it is also available on GitHub