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Your Computer Listings

Various Games I had published in Your Computer Magazine back in the 80s

September 1983

September 1983, the first thing I ever got published, "Oric Frogger" or 'Frogger' for the now long forgotten Oric-1.

March 1985

I had an Acorn Electron at this point and I submitted a game called 'Hunchy', a version of the arcade game "Hunchback", which the editor renamed as "The Bells'

June 1985

'Rock Run': an obvious and unimaginative renamed take on 'BoulderDash'. Looking back, this was probably the best game I wrote at the time.

July 1985

'Jump Jet Assault'  A game in which you flew around shooting enemys and attempting to stop technicians being kidnapped. Written in an age in which 'full screen scrolling' was something of note 

August 1985

"Charlie Chan Visits the Wok Factory"
A school project for 'Computer Class'. I forget what mark I got for it but looking back at it now... the most striking thing about it all is how very non-pc it was

September 1985

Good old. King Burger a version of the arcade clasic 'Burger Time'. Brilliantly I decided to take a couple of well known words and swap them around - genius

November 1985

'Kung Fu Master'. Melbourne House had released 'The Way of The Exploding Fist' I liked the look of it and so decided to write a fighting game for the Electron

January 1986

The last game I ever got published in 'Your Computer' : Locomotion. It was a very cut down version of the SEGA arcade game Super Locomotive